Children getting introduced to the Tech world, advancing yet horrifying

Published on July 6, 2018

Ayrial Miller seems to be annoyed by her mother’s in distinctive behaviour while sitting on the couch in her apartment in Chicago where her mother Scrolls down teen’s Social Media contacts. Jenna Bivens, Ayrial’s mom, tells her to delete all the unnecessary people from her contact list whom she hasn’t contacted in a while. The 13-year-old daughter narrows her eyes to a surly squint and shouts at her mum for not behaving as a strict mum in your life. Bivens is supposedly one of those mums who are strict, enters daughter’s room without her permission or Knocking on the door, and monitors her activities on her phone without making an apology.

Bivens doesn’t have to apologize for strictness she has for children, as reported by a retired cybercrime detective who spoke to her and other parents at the same time in the early of June in Chicago’s Nathan Hale Elementary School.

Privacy in children’s lives, there is nothing as such as stated by a Rich Wistocki. While the other experts might not agree to this, but a lot of teenagers are dealing with dreadful consequences of using digital life without any interference of their parents or elderly members of the family including harassment to Extreme levels and also causing occasional suicides.

The teenagers these days meeting strangers by only talking once or twice on the social media applications and some of them are adults. The range of social media applications ranges from the lip syncing videos of to Whatsapp, house party, and Facebook. Teenagers are hiding risqué pictures in the world applications and then trading those photos like the baseball cards.

Some of the teenagers also have secret Burner phones to avoid getting into the traps parents monitoring their Smartphones or share passwords with friends who can later post those pictures on their account when they get a chance. Tech expert from Cadillac, Michigan, David Coffey was reported saying that he was shocked to hear the story that his two of the Twin teenagers told him about the sneaky things that their friends and classmates were doing even in their place that is not only rural but also small.

It is difficult to say how many children are pushing the boundaries of the digital world. This way which is certainly not less because the actual point is escaping adult detection. The easiest way to get introduced to other strangers and people around the world is social media apps which makes it super easy and entertaining to establish and discard the accounts. Many applications go trending today and disappear on the other month it all depends on the popularity and needs of the teenagers these days that has made the entire world of Technology horrifying and scary.

When the teenagers were asked about the life being socially active, all the time, the reply that is surprisingly common interesting as for kids to go online and live life but keeping it hidden or private from that of parents should be kept in mind which is worse to find out.

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