CBD Oil Dosing

Published on September 29, 2020
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Though CBD oil is exceedingly popular and growing each day in usage by the public in a therapeutic, healing capacity, the substance touts as being in its infancy clinically speaking. That is because scientists and those in the medical community are only now determining “dosing schedules’ for all cannabis and hemp derivatives, including both medical marijuana and medicinal hemp, as well as all the extracts such as CBD.

Even though these compounds are reaching a point of legalization within a majority of the states, doctors are not permitted to prescribe cannabinoids, but rather merely “recommend” the substances, partially because there has been no establishment of an RDA or recommended daily allowance, a “universal dosage” for humans. 

Federal legality has not been reached for some of these, and FDA has not approved nor are they regulating the substances creating somewhat of a stall for the clinical world.

Any dosing information that you find through your own research or recommended in any online informative (like this) are merely that, ‘informative guidelines.’ None should be mistaken in any way for medical advice, but rather a beginning reference point. 

One concept that you can rely on is that each person is unique and there are a multitude of factors to take into consideration when attempting to determine an accurate dose. Find out what might be an approximation for dosages at https://medium.com/cbd-origin/whats-the-best-cbd-dosage-81ec4f95503b .

Product Packaging Instructions

Trying to figure out the amount of CBD oil to take can prove complex for people. The volume of brands in the industry is a major source of confusion with each opting to use different materials whether they be CBD-rich cannabis, hemp-derived, a variety of strains, and so on, not to mention which extraction technique they might opt to employ. 

These contribute to substance properties, potency, and effectiveness, and will ultimately lead to an appropriate dose for your specific needs. But at this point in time finding that dose is a matter of trial and error, beginning with a small amount (rule of thumb suggests an average dosing of  approximately 25 mg) and bumping up gradually and slowly until there is an appropriate benefit. 

Because these items come from living plants, you can expect there will be a natural differentiation from product to product. Things such as weather changes, water, soil, can all have an impact as far as the biology of the material. Follow to learn about dab tabs, a relatively new product, and how they make dosing simple.

When packaging the products, each vendor makes the decision as to what they will recommend for dosing instructions which varies from brand to brand with some suggesting quite an excessive level and others being merely a fraction of what even the experts are implying as effective. The only thing consumers can take comfort in and have assurance about is that users cannot fatally overdose on CBD oil products derived from hemp.

Overdosing Potential For CBD Products

There has been no lethal dosage established for cannabidiol. It has been evidenced that repetitive use of excessively high dosages of up to 1500 mg has been tolerated well by humans. That doesn’t mean you should employ this level of consumption for any length of time.

Higher doses in no way mean greater effect. There is, however, the potential for mild effects with using the substance at these levels for extensive periods including:

  • Dizziness
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Excessive thirst
  • Lethargy
  • Potential for sedation

These are not common, but rather a “worst-case scenario” when using cannabidiol inappropriately.

Credit: Pixabay

Final Thought

CBD’s hemp oil products come in countless forms, view this link, with varying concentrations of the compound along with other phytocannabinoids. Everything from extraction, to the way you plan to administer, will determine the potency and the effect that the product will have with your body chemistry leading to the amount that you should consider taking.

At this point it’s wise to consult with a doctor before you begin taking the substance as you would before starting any drug. Though the medical provider isn’t permitted to prescribe these products, they can recommend the substance and attempt to help you reach an appropriate dosing level. 

There has been no Recommended Daily Allowance determined at this point, but a doctor will be better versed in the criteria needed to make such a determination. Also recommended is the trial-by-error methodology of beginning with a small amount and gradually moving up until it becomes effective.

A small bit of advice is to try to use the services of a doctor who is favorable to cannabis and its variants.



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