Bose Frames: New Audio Sunglasses

Published on April 5, 2019

After the smartwatch, smart TV and smartphone, we now have smart frames. Bose new audio sunglasses are pretty cool and also serve as great eyewear. Having speakers built into each arm of shade, you don’t have to rely on earbuds anymore to listen to your favorite music and podcasts on the go.

Instead, the audio has a wider soundstage and is more accurate for the user’s need. They are sunglasses but can also save you the cost of wireless headphones. You might have heard or seen such glasses in some movie or TV series, but Bose have turned it into a reality.

The primary focus of gadgets these days are not just for a single use case. Rather companies are continuously coming up with value addition in their products to increase their revenue. The duo of earphone and sunglasses is already a fascinating idea of Bose.

Imagine having a microphone in your eyewear and speaking to your friends and family while protecting your eyes from the sun. That is something which makes Bose frames tempting. Although, the arms might slightly feel bulky, but the sunglasses themselves don’t feel heavy on your head and are light and comfortable to wear.

Besides, they easily connect with your Bluetooth device and the speaker as each of its arms play music right in your ear. Additionally, Bose frames are easy to use while walking or jogging in the park. Just hit the button on one of its arms and it plays and pauses as per your direction.

Coming for a price of $200 with perfect sound quality, the Bose Frames don’t sound like a terrible bet to burn your money on.

So keep your head up, make your hands free and ear amazed with this next-gen audio product.

Photo credit: Bose

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