Blood Oxygen Level Tracker Installed by Fitbit On All Its Wearable Devices

Published on January 16, 2020
Image Credit: Engadget

Fitbit has included blood oxygen monitoring (SpO2) hardware in the recent few years but is yet to use it. As per the statements of the Reddit users, their devices are sometimes providing blood oxygen data. The devices that are providing such data are the Ionic, Versa, and Charge 3. Such monitoring comes suddenly for a temporary period and helps in tracking of several health issues. The issues include heart diseases, sleep apnea, and asthma.

The clarity report of getting the first dibs is not yet clear. It is not dictated how the module works. Is it by the membership type or by device type? Fitbit confirms the Engadget rollout. The gadgets are determining the oxygen variation by the use of red and infrared sensors. However, the company has warned about the product and marks its reading as a relative figure. The company assures the consumers of not seeing larger variations if you are sleeping properly.

Fitbit welcomes the Blood Oxygen Monitoring

The feature comes in at a very good time for the company. The adoption rate of the Fitbit Wearables is increasing, although they are not new to the industry. The experts call the blood oxygen monitoring as one of the major features to track. According to Withings’ ScanWatch, the CES award winner of Engadget likes to add this feature.

Google is focusing on changing its technology after the emergence of this. As per the reports, Google acquiring the Fitbit will bring revolutionary changes to technology. But it is advisable to get used to the technology now in case you are obtaining health news. The technology will prove to be a good asset for the fitness freaks. It will also help people with busy schedules and do not have time to look after their health.

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