Beware of the catch in Apple’s battery replacement program

Published on January 10, 2018

Apple found itself in a never-ending controversy towards the end of last year. It was discovered that iPhone 6 and later versions were provided with a kind of update that would pretty much slow its performance down and even push the battery to age quite significantly.

Beware of the catch in Apple’s battery replacement program.

The Cupertino technology giant’s reaction to this was to launch a discounted battery replacement program for all the users eligible for the same. Apple has been apologizing for it and as a form of apology, they provide the $79 battery replacement program for merely $29. As noted by BGR, many might actually consider misusing this particular facility and why not? There aren’t a lot of days wherein Apple’s services come for such a cheap price.

However, there’s a catch to Apple’s battery replacement program. The company will “let you swap the iPhone battery even if it’s in a good standing and your phone isn’t in danger of being slowed down, but it won’t let you do it over and over again,” the report by BGR reads. A new fine print that MacRumors on Apple’s help page says that “battery service at $29 may be limited to one repair per iPhone.”

In other words, if you end up with a smartphone with a faulty battery after the replacement then you are doomed for another $79. Therefore, if you are considering paying $58 and renewing your batteries each year then you must say goodbye to such hopes. Even if you end up replacing your iPhone battery right now, the battery won’t particularly age in a year. To think practically, it is not really going to harm you as such.

Meanwhile, more and number of class action suits against Apple are showing up as the days pass by. The Cupertino giant hasn’t responded or provided any comment on how they plan on compensating with these disappointed users.

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