Best free iPhone/iPad apps of 2017

Published on December 24, 2017

Christmas of 2017 is almost here, which means that we are merely a week away from concluding this year. What better than to celebrate this special occasion which applications that ideally cost money but are temporarily free at the moment. The below-given selection is varied by nature. The applications are made free for a limited time only. The developers haven’t suggested on how long they plan on making the applications available for free. Therefore, ensure that you check whether the application is available for free or not before proceeding to download it.

Color Query Pro: The application usually costs $1.99. It is a photo-editing app with different features that enables users to mix/match colors in RGB, HSB, and CMYK color spaces, make use of sliders to make changes to the color and show variations in color components. One can even obtain color from a given object by just tapping on it.

Compass Easy: This application consists of beautiful designs and is extremely easy to use and costs around $0.99. Its features include Magnetic North, True North, Multi-Language facilities among others. The application goes on to support both iPhone and iPad. Users must note that to allow the Compass to locate the True North direction; users must choose ‘Allow’ when the system is beginning to find your information.

Drwer: This drawing app ideally costs about $0.99 but is the most elegant and simple form of software for designers. The software was created by product designers for designers themselves.

Fold Defy: According to a report by BGR, this application which usually costs about $2.99, folds your image through the use of two types of bending options – Fold and Crease. It further goes on to distress pictures with a crumple effect. The result is amazing.

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