Apple’s self-driving caused in Minor Crash by a human driver

Published on September 14, 2018

Currently, self-driving cars which are said to be slowly gaining traction but now it seems that they are under fire for the safety concerns. The first self-driving car by the Apple has got crashed is not the fault of the company. As per the experts, they said that this is because of the cars AI which is more cautious than the humans as they behave slightly different.

Apple's self-driving caused in Minor Crash by a human driver

This is the first car crash which was experienced by Apple’s fleet of self-driving vehicles which has happened which was happened last week but it was caused by the human driver, which is not Apple’s technology.

As per the report of DMV which is from the state of California which has obtained by the Verge. This is one of the Apple’s self-driving Lexus SUVs which was rear-ended by the human-operated Nissan Leaf which was on 24th August 2018 in Sunnyvale. These injuries have got reported but with the vehicles which were damaged.

In the report, it said that Apple’s vehicle was merged into the Lawrence Expressway which was moving at less than one mph, as per the report.  The Nissan was said to be moving at 15 mph when it has hit the self-driving car. The self-driving car’s speed that seems quite slow which is for merging onto a high-speed expressway, but these details are said to be sparse in the report.  It does not know which is for sure that the speed was said to be reasonable which is only the information that it gets which is said that the vehicle was said to be waiting for a safe gap to complete the merge when it got struck by it.

Apple has now reportedly started to begin work on the car program in the year 2014. But the current iteration which is only first started putting rubber to the pavement in the year 2017. The company has currently has got dozens of all the self-driving cars on the road which was only inevitable which is that one of them which would be involved in the form of collision.

The car which was present in question which was Lexus RX450h SUV which was equipped with the Apple’s sensors as well as hardware. They travel at less than one mph in which it was rear-ended by the human-driven Nissan Leaf which travels at 15mph. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident, but the cars have sustained some kind of minor damages. The accident was occurred at about 3 PM which was on last Monday in Sunnyvale, California. The accident which was caused by the human error is said to be only the latest in the string which is due to the self-driving cars which are being rear-ended, and this is not for the software’s fault.

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Apple's self-driving caused in Minor Crash by a human driver
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