Apple’s iPhones trail Samsung, Google in Internet speed, Report Says

Published on July 27, 2018

In a new report, it shows that the Apple’s iPhones are slower than the other smartphones when it comes to the internet speeds. It is seen that Apple’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus along with iPhone X are trailing behind the smartphones like Google and Samsung in download speeds, as reports are based on data which are published by Ookla LLC, which is a company that provides the most popular online service for measuring the speed of the internet connection with the Speedtest app on its website.

Samsung vs Apple

If you have got the faster internet data, it means that the users can load the websites and can able to start watching series or movies more quickly. They can also make good video calls along with a high-quality video. Now the maker of the smartphone is trying to cover the under the hardware features. Samsung has already marketed about the issue which is against the Apple which comes with the commercials which highlight the faster mobile internet speeds in the recent TV ad push. In this, we can see about the Ookla’s data which are important as they are created by users who are not in a corporate lab. It also encompasses the range about the random real-world conditions that can affect the performance which is like distance from the cellular towers with other network congestion. As per Ookla, it said that it would host millions of tests a day. As a result, it has done 20 billion in total.

It is usually difficult for the users to tell the difference between how fasts pages load on the phone. But it seems easy to know the quality of the video with the time that it takes to load. The speeds of the Web are not the only important device speed metric. The main processor of the Apple is to control the speed of launching apps which can swipe through PDFs along with loading of games which are often recognized as the fastest in the industry.

As per an Apple spokeswoman, she said that with the inclusion of both LTE-Advanced speeds along with Apple’s custom-designed A11 Bionic, it is the smartest as well as a most powerful chip which was ever built for a smartphone. This will provide a very fast wireless experience which can easily handle all the demanding tasks. With 27 LTE bands, these iPhones can also provide the best worldwide LTE coverage.

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Samsung vs Apple
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