Apple’s AirDrop Gets a Competitor as Google Launches ‘Nearby Share’

Published on August 5, 2020
Image Credit: [Google]

After many rumors and leaks and rumors, Google is finally announcing a tool that is pretty much Android’s version of Apple’s AirDrop feature. Certain Samsung and Pixel phones already have it but Google is saying that it’s continuing to ‘work with our partners to bring Nearby Share to more smartphones in the Android ecosystem over the next few weeks.’

With Nearby Share, you can send and receive files quickly and easily with people near you. It features a list of devices near you, and once you select the proper recipient, they’ll get an alert to accept or decline the transfer. The system will then pick the best protocol for the transfer — Then, automatically, either Bluetooth LE, Regular Bluetooth, WebRTC or WiFi will be selected automatically for best perormanc.

One of main issues with nearby sharing is that it opens you up to being sent random files from total strangers around you. It does, however, have privacy settings that will prevent that annoyance. You will be able to set a sort-of status like ‘hidden,’ visible to ‘some contacts’ or to ‘all contacts.’ Also, you can share files anonymously if you would like.

Nearby Share is also gonna work with Chromebooks in a few months, and that’ll make it super easy to transfer files between your smartphone and laptop. When the share menu is pulled up for a photo, for example, Nearby Share will be right below the thumbnail rather than having to scroll through sharing options to find it.

Featured GIF Credit: [Google]

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