Apple working on a curved iPhone: Report

Published on April 8, 2018

Currently, there are no significant announcements that can be expected from Apple’s end. However, when things appear to be quiet in the company’s universe, we can always count on the rumor mill to provide us with information about the Cupertino technology giant’s plans. Earlier this week, a Bloomberg report surfaced online which suggested that Apple is going to make significant changed to its iPhone smartphone. The Cupertino technology giant, it appears, is working on a curved handset that would also be featuring a touchless gesture ability. The latest feature would allow users to wave their fingers in front of the screen with the objective to enable them to control the software. This move is perhaps the first time that one has heard about Apple taking severe measures to create the touchless gesture facility.

Apple, iPhone

However, there was much more to Apple’s rumor-mill round-up than what has mentioned above. The Tim Cook-led firm also appears to be on a hiring spree for Siri engineers. The engineers are apparently trying to improve its standing in the virtual personal assistant market. There’s a significant debate going on which service, i.e. Apple Music of Spotify that will end up being on top when it comes to weekly music releases. The Tim Cook-led firm is reportedly cooking up some significant changes to its upcoming iPhone device. The Cupertino technology giant is rumored to be working on a new curved iPhone that would be featuring curved edges at the top and bottom.

Before this, the curved edges appeared on the left and right sides of the smartphone. If this ends up turning out to be true, then they are following Samsung’s recently-released Galaxy S9 smartphone as their ultimate example. The smartphone goes on to feature a curved screen which makes it possible for OLED display technology to existing on top. The curved iPhone won’t release this year, though. The company might take a bit longer to get the smartphone to launch in the market. The report by Bloomberg further stated that the company is exploring different ways through which they can create the touchless gesture.

The touchless gesture would help them interact with its mobile operating system. Furthermore, the gesture would also give players the freedom to make use of their fingers to wave in front of the screen to control the software. “It’s possible Apple might ultimately decide to ditch the feature, Bloomberg’s sources said, but if the company does offer it to customers, it likely won’t happen for at least a couple of years,” an online report reads.

The debate over which music streaming service is the best has been going on for a very long time. Earlier this week, Apple went on to state that the EP tallied more than 26 million streams on its first day on Apple Music. That topped the 3.5 million streams the single captured on Spotify, according to The Weeknd’s record label Republic Records. Spotify subsequently announced that the numbers it gave Republic Records were wrong and Call Out My Name had 7.5 million streams in its first 24 hours.

Apart from this, the company seems to be on a hiring spree as far as Siri engineers are concerned. The company is currently looking out for over 161 employees for jobs relating to the virtual personal assistant system. A report by Thinknum further added that Siri openings have accelerated in the recent weeks. Apple has not yet commented on the story but it is clear that they have the goal of reaching a specific purpose.

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Apple, iPhone
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