Apple Unveil Stunning Design Decisions for iPhone 15

Published on April 11, 2023

CAD files leaked to 9to5Mac have unveiled the design details of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models, which have been met with excitement and controversy. Let’s have a look at what has been revealed.

Image: mokjc/Shutterstock

The 9to5Mac CADs rendered by 3D artist Ian Zelbo suggest that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max could have a slimmer rear camera hump than the previous model due to an exclusive space-saving periscope module. On the contrary, the iPhone 15 Pro is anticipated to have a massive camera bulk nearly as thick as the device.

Zelbo’s exclusive Twitter image (shown below) demonstrates the World’s Thinnest Bezels, which the new CADs confirm. According to leaks, the iPhone 15 Pro Max bezels are expected to be an astonishing 1.55mm, surpassing the 1.81mm of the current record holder, the Xiaomi 13.

The CAD renders of the iPhone 15 Pro suggest that the phone will possess an arched chassis, bridging the gap between the curved iPhone X and the boxy iPhone Pro models. This should be a pleasant surprise for those who do not use a case, as it looks good but is also more comfortable to hold.

One of the most discussed alterations to the design is the flat, solid-state volume and Action button that is now visible. According to 9to5Mac, the volume control will be laid out in a single strip and flush with the phone and may be managed by swiping up and down. The Action button is pill-shaped and will replace the Mute button, and its functions may be customized in the settings.

It is no secret that USB-C is coming–the 9to5Mac CADs give us a great view of what to expect on the iPhone 15 Pro models. According to Forbes, despite the similar, symmetrical pill-shaped openings, implementing USB-C is predicted to be an issue.

Image: charnsitr/Shutterstock

According to 9to5Mac, the color of the new iPhone 15 Pro model has been identified as 410D0D. A render of the device, displaying this particular deep red tone, is featured at the top of this post. Personally, 9to5Mac regards this as the best finish Apple has provided in years, and it has replaced the iPhone 14 Pro’s deep purple in the lineup.

Without a doubt, these renders cannot confirm any internal changes, such as the allegedly powerful A17 chip and LiDAR upgrade. Reports about a potential price increase of $200 will have to wait for Tim Cook’s reveal in September. Consequently, there are still many surprises in store.

Anonymous leaker Ice Universe recently disclosed the front glass of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max, claiming that its bezel is the same size as the phone itself and measures 1.55mm, which is thinner than the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s 2.1mm bezel. This aligns with prior leaks that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is set to have the thinnest bezel of any smartphone.

The dummy model of the upcoming iPhone was revealed on Douyin, a Chinese video site akin to the popular app TikTok. This gave us the first tangible view of what Apple’s latest flagship device will look like.

The two main changes in physical design are the solid-state volume and action buttons and the inclusion of USB-C. A noteworthy addition is a physical SIM card slot, something Apple excluded from iPhone 14 in the US but is expected to be implemented in other countries with the iPhone 15 series.

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