Apple TV Plus: Release Date, Price, Shows and News

Published on September 7, 2019
Apple TV Plus: Release Date, Price, Shows and News

Apple TV Plus: Release Date, Price, Shows, and News: Image Source

Are you found of series, Netflix or Amazon Prime then here is big news for you Apple will launch its own brand new streaming service which, according to Tim Cook CEO of Apple Company, is unlike anything that comes before.

2019 March Apple event had a lot of wonderful things for its followers. In this event, Apple had launched the Apple TV App, Apple News+, and Apple Card. It had also announced that this fall it would launch Arcade, gaming app that would have a number of games, and Apple TV+, it is a streaming service which would broadcast its own content such as movies, documentaries, and shows. In which u could see the well-known artist of Hollywood Industry.

What is Apple TV+?

It is streaming service which will Apple broadcast its own exclusive content. It will play Ad-free streaming services as most of the time we get annoyed by the ads. So Apple has decided to make this ad-free. Exclusive Apple original content will be played in these services which is not only played on Apple TV+ but also produced by the Apple Company. According to the CEO of Apple, this service will be available in 100 + countries and it will play on-demand contents. Moreover, Apple TV+ will also take care of your privacy as According to Tim Cook Apple will not know about what you are watching on Apple TV+.

What is the releasing date of Apple TV+?

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple TV+ will be available from this November

What will be subscription fees of Apple TV+?

It is early to say anything about but we can say just like Apple NEWS+ Apple will also cost $9.99 per month for Apple TV+. It is also expected that service will be available free for the first month so it can attract the users

What is the budget for this Streaming Service?

Apple has allocated $6bn to its new project. To make this project successful Apple is starring well unknown artist for their upcoming series.

Is this service Apple user exclusive?

According to track record of Apple the answer should be yes. But the course of history has changed Apple has decided to make this Apple TV+ compatible for the Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Fire Tv , and Sony TV users. All these devices will be able to stream Apple TV+. Yes, it is shocking that this time rival bind in the same bow for their own business.

Apple TV+ a family-friendly streaming Service

Apple focuses on this aspect that content that will broadcast through Apple TV+ will be Family-friendly. It will also a family sharing service which will allow up to 5 family members to share the service. Apple wants to create content similar to Disney Industry. However, content like this gets the least attraction in most of the cases

Since March Apple has launched three trailers and teaser for three of its upcoming show: The Morning Show, Dickinson, and For All Man Kind.

The Morning Show: is a drama series that starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese  Witherspoon, Steve  Carell, Mark Duplas, and many others. This drama series is about the challenges faced by the anchorpersons of the media news agency.

Dickinson: is a biopic of famous poet Emily Dickinson. This series depicts those constraints that women are facing every day and everywhere. Its also depicts glass mirroring of women roles.  Aleena Smith is behind its creation. It starring Hailee  Steinfeld.

For All Man Kind: is about space race of the 1960s and 70s when the Soviet Union putting the man on the moon first. Chris Bauer, Noah Harpster, Nick Toren are the famous name of this series.


Why Apple, gadget giant, is coming towards digital subscription services?

Apple business is facing great challenges from Huawei and Samsung and now the company has faced many challenges in achieving its milestone to become US first company worth $1 trillion till now it is at half of its target. As Apple is on deadline to get its target before 2021. So Apple is finding new ways which will help it to achieve its milestone.

As the fall approached and Apple has already accelerated the phase of its content production. It is early to say that how much Apple TV+ will attract the people or not but the strategy that Apple has adopted would surely make a mark in a telecast industry such as hiring the most famous artist, strategist, to make the strategy so that Apple could produce Award-winning events, Director and Producer. So let’s wait till its releasing

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Apple TV Plus: Release Date, Price, Shows and News
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