Apple stores are full of customers because of the $29 battery replacement offer

Published on January 15, 2018

You might be knowing that Apple stores are full of customers, not those who want to buy the latest gadget or wants to upgrade their older one rather than that these are the people who want to avail the $29 battery replacement offer of Apple. The offer consists replacement of an older battery of an iPhone other than iPhone 7 in an effective cost of just $29.


Why is the company offering battery replacement at this much cheap price? The reason is behind a continuous lawsuit filed against the company that they have purposely reduced the performance of iPhones with older batteries. The company launched this battery replacement offer in order to make people avail their old batteries replaced at this much effective cost.

Many Apple stores are providing table facility i.e., some dedicated tables for the customers who want a battery replacement. But the thing which is necessary to consider is, Does everyone needs this replacement? Does every iPhone is effected of this slowing down of CPU & overall performance? The answer might be no, as a crowd can never be alike, just like that not everyone needs this battery replacement.

This much rush over Apple stores for a battery replacement left the stores with empty stocks, and this was expected with the rise of cases for battery replacement. An observation clears that there are various customers who came to Apple stores for battery replacement even when their iPhones were working fine.

Some customers aren’t ready to accept that they don’t need a battery replacement. “I would say less than 10% of the phones we have ordered batteries for actually need a battery, based on diagnostics,” a Genius at a Midwestern Apple store told Business Insider.

“I feel bad for the people that actually need batteries and have to wait because people think that Apple is having a ‘sale’ on batteries,” the staffer added.

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