Apple releases four promotional HomePod Ad

Published on January 27, 2018

Apple launched its first ever music gadget last week named ‘Apple HomePod’ the device costs $349 and will start getting delivered by February 9th. The speakers carry an excellent sound adjacent to sleek and stylish design. The size is pretty much good, and the design is entirely stunning. The company says if two HomePod will get connected and placed at two corners of a room it can beat the sound effects of an expensive and high-tech stereo system. Today the company launched four promotional advertisements to promote its home speakers.

Apple HomePod is the new competition to the currently running smart Home Speakers are Google’s Home Mini, Amazon’s Echo devices and many more. The device costs 349 USD which doesn’t seem high for an endless music system. The machine just needs a compatible Apple device and WiFi. Apple HomePod can also support Apple iPhones, Apple MacBook, Apple iPod and other Apple products. The presence of Siri makes it unique and more enjoying.

The four ads launched by Apple are named by the sound quality of the HomePod, i.e., Bass, Distortion, Beat and Equalizer. Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing Mr Philip Schiller said “HomePod is a magical new music experience from Apple. It brings advanced audio technologies like beam-forming tweeters, a high-excursion woofer, and automatic spatial awareness, together with the entire Apple Music catalogue and the latest Siri intelligence, in a simple, beautiful design that is so much fun to use.”

All four advertisement videos are added above. With these four advertisements videos, the company is trying to attract buyers with the qualities of the Apple HomePod. The device was scheduled to be launched in late 2017, but the company delayed the launch and missed the opportunity to sell it during event time when millions of home speakers got traded, and Amazon and Google took the benefit of that by covering the market with their smart home speakers.

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