Apple iPhone X to made to last only 18 months

Published on January 23, 2018

Apple is surrounded by a lot of controversies lately, especially when it comes to the battery performance of its iPhone devices. What we know so far is that the Cupertino technology giant attempted to slow down iPhone devices’ battery performance through numerous software updates, without the consent of its users.

After being discovered of carrying out this act, Apple attempted to compensate for the damage by offering battery replacement programs for cheaper-than-usual costs and assuring that there was a software update being developed that would resolve this problem. A new report by ZDNet now suggests that those who have ended up purchasing the iPhone X might be in for a lot of trouble.

While quoting Apple as saying that the iPhone battery is specifically “designed to retain up eighty percent of its original capacity at five hundred complete charge cycles,” the ZDNet report suggests that iPhone X owners might end up with worn out batteries towards the end of this year. “Ideally, you need to ration out these 500 recharges over the life of the device.

However, you additionally need to bear in mind that as the battery gets older, it won’t last as long, so your recharge frequency is going to increase as your device gets older,” the report adds. The situation for iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices is worse because their primary highlights are fast charging and wireless charging technologies. While they have pretty much eliminated the stress of running out of battery, at the same time, the ability to quickly recharge the iPhone would soon bring to the end-cycle of the handset.

The report by ZDNet suggests that the iPhone X smartphone is expected to last for 18 months only, as per what Apple has indicated about their iPhone batteries. By this, it appears that Apple is adding speed and convenience of wireless and fast charging technology but is also masking the fact that these devices tend to age faster because of the massive dependence on its battery life.

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