Apple iPhone X to teach you new gestures

Published on December 26, 2017

Apple unleashed its 10th-anniversary-smartphone, iPhone X, earlier in September this year. One of the major highlights of the handset was the fact that the Cupertino giant decided to get rid of its physical home button altogether. Instead, the company replaced the feature with a facial recognition system. Users no longer need to long press on the home button to unlock their smartphones as they can simply look at it and get it unlocked. The one question that occupies the minds of most iPhone X owners is whether or not to swipe. With the physical home button gone, the smartphone ends up teaching its owners several gestures that they couldn’t have possibly imagined.

How to unlock your iPhone X device

According to a report by New York Times, this is obviously the first and the most important gesture that iPhone X owners will have to get acquainted with. The Cupertino technology giant introduced a new way of unlocking iPhone devices with their face. Fortunately for smartphone users, they simply need to keep their face straight and look into the device’s front camera system. After the device is unlocked, users can simply select the “swipe up to open” message to understand the rest of the details.

Switching between applications

After unlocking the smartphone, you have to understand how to switch between apps. The experience is pretty different in comparison to regular smartphones, wherein you simply have to swipe left or right between applications and tap on any of the apps to get into it. The Apple iPhone X comes equipped with an app switcher, wherein users are required to swipe from the bottom and pause on the application that they wish to select.

Closing the app

There are two options to choose from when it comes to closing applications. The first one is wherein, users are required to make use of the app switcher feature and the second option is to long press on the application until the users see the red minus signs. Thereafter, users can tap on the minus sign and the app will be closely forcefully.

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