Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 fast charging is not the fastest one: Proven results

Published on December 4, 2017

Well, known tech brand Tom’s Guide performed a fast charging test on Apple’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X are company’s first smartphone which finally supports fast charging with USB-C. The test revealed that Apple smartphones lag behind competing for flagship Android devices in when tested for fast charging capabilities.

The test was performed with the fast charging accessories with the OnePlus 5T, LG V30, Google Pixel 2 and Galaxy Note 8. Initially, the devices were tested in 30 minutes of charge time in which OnePlus 5T ruled the battle by showing a charging figure of 59%. Then LG V30 stood second with 53% and the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X which traced a charging of 50%, 49%, and 47% respectively.

Later the testing was for one hour which resulted in the fast charging of OnePlus 5T with 93 percent, the LG V30 with 86 percent and the iPhone with 81 percent. The other two smartphones of Apple, i.e., iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus gave a charging data of 80% and 79% respectively.

When the Apple smartphones were charges with the USB accessories included in the box, it resulted in a charging of 30 percent for iPhone 8 in 30 minutes and 58 percent in an hour. Similar to that for 30 minutes iPhone 8 Plus records 26 percent and 55 percent for 60 minutes. Newly launched super premium phone iPhone X stood at last with a charging figure of 17 percent in 30 minutes and 37 percent in an hour.

It shows that the newly launched iPhones by Apple still lags behind Android flagship smartphones regarding fast charging. As this iPhone 8 and iPhone X is the first one to support fast charging thus the company needs a long update and improvements over its quick charging process. Apple always tends to provide its customers with the best and the company will also do the same with its upcoming launches, but as of now other Android flagships like OnePlus 5T, LG V30 and other stood higher than Apple iPhones.

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