Apple iPhone 9: All leaks in one place

Published on April 14, 2018

The entire past week has been revolving around Apple and the numerous leaks surrounding its flagship smartphone iPhone 9. As can be recalled, there were two significant updates about the upcoming smartphones that were spoken about during the week. The first included this week’s Apple loop which provides for three lenses for one iPhone and three iPhones for one launch. The company also went ahead and took the wraps off the Product (RED) iPhone device. The Tim Cook-led firm also locked its consumers into its latest software operating system. Following given is the list of top leaks regarding the Apple iPhone 9 in one place. Take a look:

iPhone 9

Tripple lenses on iPhone 9:

The Cupertino technology giant Apple will reportedly be seen increasing the stakes in the smartphone camera battle this year. It appears that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 9 will come packed with three lenses that go on to offer up to x5 optical zoom. The feature is new for Apple’s operating system but is not the kind that has not appeared in the smartphone industry before. Android player Huawei has already carried out the deed by equipping its P20 Pro smartphone with triple lenses. If this turns out to be true, then it will take one of Apple’s most significant steps toward viewing camera systems in a new light. Apart from this – its other arch-rivals such as Samsung might even face intense competition as it is something that doesn’t have yet. “Furthermore, the early signs are – unlike the now-defunct megapixel war – triple lens cameras do have the potential to improve smartphone photography significantly,” a report by Forbes reads.

Three iPhones of 2018:

Additional analysis of Apple’s upcoming plans goes on to suggest that the company is planning on launching three smartphones this year. It would have been understandable as far as last year was concerned because the company was celebrating ten years of iPhone flagship. Therefore, it would have been understandable that they were introducing three devices. However, it appears that the company is ultimately going against the ideologies of late technology tycoon, Steve Jobs. Out of the three smartphones, one will be an update to the iPhone X. The smartphone will reportedly be called iPhone X2 and will continue to be of the same size as the current generation. The company will also be seen pushing the bezel-reduced full-screen design with the contentious notch as well. There will be a second model, which will reportedly be an equivalent of the iPhone X Plus smartphone. The model will be carrying the design cues of the 2018 flagship smartphone forward. However, the handset will be home to a larger screen and may push the notch design forward as well. Coming to the third model, the smartphone will continue to retain the LED screen technology that showed up on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus smartphones. The devices will push the 6.1-inch screen forward. However, it will make it difficult for smartphones to replicate designs.

PRODUCT (RED) iPhone 8, iPhone 8 PLUS

Earlier this week, the Cupertino technology giant Apple went on to launch the (RED) version of their iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus smartphones. The company reportedly collaborated with the non-profit organization to introduce the counterpart as they had some time last year. The next-generation smartphone carries the same design elements as the original lineup. However, the color seems to be slightly darker and shiner in comparison to last year. There aren’t too many differences regarding the specifications either. It appears that Apple has done an excellent job of recycling products.

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