Apple iPhone 11: Rumors And Features

Published on January 17, 2019

Today the maximum number of people loves to have or used Apple iPhone other than Android smartphones or of brands such as Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia and many more. Apple iPhone is the smartphone which has best demands in the market by the user because of its design and multifunctional features. Apple iPhone is having their best class smartphone market since they launch Apple iPhone 4 with great features. The two latest smartphone which has been launched by Apple is iPhone XS and XR which are one of the most featured and that too which the most expensive smartphone has.

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According to the reports as well we came to know that iPhone XS is one of the expensive smartphones in the market which is giving its best and high-end features in around $1756. The most interesting thing which the iPhone XS is famous for is its camera quality. Some of its real features are, it has a great connectivity solution to many options which include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Lightning, Active 4G on both SIM cards, 3G and 4G (with support for Band 40 used by some LTE networks in India), this was being told by rumors as well as reports. Not only this the new Apple iPhone XS which is having great demand in the market comes with a good display option of 5.8-inch, which comes in complete touch display. Also, it has a good screen resolution of 1125 pixels by 2436 pixels.

This was just about the latest but what if Apple launches more smartphone in according to the series of Apple smartphone, therefore we came to know about some rumours around the market which says that Apple will soon be launching its new smartphone which is named as Apple iPhone 11. Till date, Apple has added the latest feature in its smartphone, whereas now the wait is that what the new iPhone will have inside. We just have to wait for the launch but wait second rumours are someway to be believed therefore we came to know that, the iPhone 11 will be having a better front facing the camera, better than the latest smartphones of Apple. The latest smartphones which are named as iPhone XR and XS, these both the smartphone has a good front-facing camera but of 7 megapixels whereas rumors say that the new Apple iPhone 11 will be having around 10 megapixels of the camera(front facing).

Also, it says that something will remain the same but will have its upgraded version such as the face unlock technology. It will be having the same procedure but will be having a better one and yes it would definately be fast as compared to iPhone XS and XR. Till date iPhone doesn’t exceed its total camera quantity from 3 to 4. You must have heard of many brands such as Samsung as well as many Chinese brands which are making good smartphones with 3 cameras on the rear side, Apple iPhone 11 will somehow include this and will surely add 3 cameras on the rear side of the smartphone. The three lenses will be figure and the two will be having lenses of 10MP and 14MP of sensors.

The most interesting thing which is added in the new Apple iPhone 11 is that it is removing its USB-C port and adding one most amazing port named as a lightning port to the smartphone. The rumors also gave knowledge about the launch of the Apple iPhone 11 and it was found that it will be launched in the month of September 2019.

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