Apple HomePod: Every trick you ever need to know

Published on February 19, 2018

Apple finally made its HomePod set of smart-home speakers out for sale a couple of weeks back. The device is priced at around $349 and is already receiving positive reviews from its owners. The features that are spoken about the most when it comes to HomePod are is sound.

Apple, HomePod

Many describe the experience as being locked into Apple’s so-called walled-garden. The Cupertino giant has even announced a dedicated app for user’s IOS devices. Apart from functioning around HomePod’s interface, there’s a lot that can be done with Apple’s smart speaker as well. Following given are a few tips and tricks that you ever need to know when it comes to Apple’s HomePod set of smart-speakers:

When it comes to the set-up

The set-up is pretty simple. One need not bang their heads on the walls to initialize the set-up. Users can directly plug it in and wait for a few seconds for their devices to respond. Make sure that you have unlocked your IOS devices as you will receive an alert at any moment.

Change up these settings

After activating the HomePod, it is essential that you change up the settings as per your preference. You can walk through with ease when it comes to discovering HomePod’s settings. This change will have an overall impact on your experience.

Lucky Spotify users

Apple’s HomePod smart-home speakers do not work directly with music-streaming services such as Spotify and Google Play Music. However, there is a loophole which allows users to make use of them anyway. You can log on to the service from your desktop and directly connect the HomePod via Bluetooth.

Silicone band to the rescue

You need not worry about it leaving any ring on your wood table, desk or shelf. The Silicone band on the bottom end will merely take care of everything.

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Apple, HomePod
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