Apple Caught The Apps Which Were Involved In Tracing Users Data

Published on February 8, 2019

one thing which is getting the height is the screen recording system from the third party app on your phone. Android users don’t have to worry much because right now it’s about the iPhone users who have been using their mobile phones for every task starting from the chatting and ending up to billing up things. These foolish tasks were maintained by the apps which were served by the third-party server and which the users use in every single day.

From the survey, we came to know that these third-party apps were so clever that these apps keep the records of the activity you do on your iPhone starting from everything, from clicking in the app and performing all the activities also records the important messages and files. These activities have been punishing because these activities were context without the permission of the user. Also, these app records each of your taps, text and images too.

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The worst thing finding this was these third-party servers might also record or have been recorded some of the personal details of the users such as their credit card number, passwords for other apps and also the contact details which are somehow personal for the user. These activities were somehow a crime. Also when the iPhone find out about the bugs, no bug was found because it was all about the third party clever activities. This app became so creepy which no one can ever expect.

When Apple found the apps which have been doing these creepy activities it was found that the apps of Hotels and related apps such as travelling apps, flight apps, banks app they all used to track the details of the user’s information and all the details which have been entered by the user. These apps are the one which users use every time during the day and for every such thing.

Apple was successful to find the brands which are involved in such activities and records users information and keep the records of your information. These apps take screenshots of every detail of yours and which you put inside the apps. Also, Apple mentioned in the reports that these apps don’t even have a privacy policy when downloads which help them to records the data and you even don’t have an idea. Some of the reports which record the details were(as per the reports):

Abercrombie & Fitch
Singapore Airlines
Air Canada

One most important thing which was found about the Air Canada app was that the records of many users were gathered. Theor is a term called session replay which was being added in this app which used to replay the details about the user’s input text and number whether its private info or not such as, it keeps records of their passport number and also their credit card number which is somehow faking other and doing wrong. The wrong thing which is mentioned is the exposing of sensitive data. Some days before Air Canada was mentioned to hold around 20,000 profiles about the user which includes information about their credit card numbers, their important documents photos and also other documentation. Now Apple has found the problem and iPhones users need not be much worry about this but one thing which all the users should keep in mind is that when an app is downloaded, read the terms and conditions properly and if these T&C doesn’t appear, please do not do such activities which can harm you in future.

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