Android Parallel Tasks Expected in Chrome OS

Published on January 1, 2018

A new rumor in town suggests that a new feature, which is Android’s Parallel Tasks, is expected to arrive on Chrome operating system. This feature is not yet confirmed by Google as yet. However, the leak cites information provided through Chrome Unboxed rather than actual live tests carried out in Chromebooks. According to a report published by PC Per, Chrome Unboxed consists of a video that showcases the latest feature in action. In other words, there isn’t a lot of time until Android applications start functioning in the background even on Chrome’s operating system.

Android Parallel Tasks Expected in Chrome OS

Individuals can now operate this functionality through the support of beta channel Chrome OS 64. If this actually turns out to be true then the Android application platform will go a step forward towards a desktop-style platform. It remains to be seen how much control Android developers will be provided through this facility.

Google hasn’t made any comments on this matter as yet. However, it seems like the search giant’s intentions are to encourage users to experience a simple web browsing time. As far as app developers are concerned, their workloads are significantly reduced if this turns into reality.

Questions like whether this feature will be brought to Android proper and whether the Chrome OS-specific feature will require developers to target certain functionalities accordingly still remains to be answered. It has most definitely been confirmed that Google is working towards making this happen.

Apart from this, Google is a constant feud with Amazon at the moment. The search giant has reportedly decided to scrap off its YouTube video-streaming service off the Prime Videos platform. At the same time, Amazon refuses to enable the provision of other smart-home speakers on the e-commerce platform.

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