An innovative App from Snap is coming to the desktop

Published on October 28, 2018

On Friday, the company declared the release of Snap Camera, which brings its AR Lenses camera to desktop devices, Snap Camera works with the camera on your computer, which indicates users will be able to “use” Cameras when recording a video on YouTube or during a Skype or Google Hangout call. Using the cameras does not require a Snapchat account.

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Snap-In Window 10

As Snapchat declared that they are losing 2 million monthly active users in the past few months, Snapchat exposed a new camera App on Window 10.

Suggestive the Apps bundled with your Window 7 laptop, the Snapchat camera allows you to use Snapchat’s filters to modify the video steam picked up by other streaming apps such as Twitch, YouTube, and Skype. Unlike those apps, Snapchat has thousands of lenses to pick from including various based on characters from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and League of Legends

Probably, Snapchat wishes to finally sell premium lenses to users or advertisers. The App camera does not integrate with Snapchat’s social network and does not need a Snapchat account.

Snapchat Camera App For Mac With YouTube Skype, and Twitch Integration

Snapchat has declared the launch of Snapchat Camera for Mac, which brings Snapchat obvious collection of lenses and filters to Macs and PCs.

The Snapchat Camera app can be downloaded from the official Snapchat website, it offers hundreds of Snapchat lenses that can add funny effects to your face using Mac’s Camera.

Snapchat’s new Snap Camera app features lenses created by Snap, lenses from third-party companies, and lenses designed using the Lens Studio tool for Snapchat. Lenses are available in a menu in the app that you can scroll through, but there are also options to search for lenses by keyword or assign lenses to shortcuts.

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