Amazon’s Alexa app reaches 10 million downloads on Play Store: Report

Published on January 1, 2018

E-commerce giant Amazon has already established that their Echo smart-home speaker set of the line-up has managed to become the most commonly sold-off holiday gifts last year. Therefore, there is no denying that Echo smart-home speaker along with the Alexa digital voice assistant is extremely famous at the moment. The company also recently launched the Alexa application on both, IOS and Android platforms. According to a report published by Android Police, the application has ended up gaining over 10 million downloads already.

The e-commerce giant is not the kind of enter sale numbers of Echo devices, or even advocate them open for public viewing. Therefore, most of the information known is only through whatever little information that Amazon provides. Several reports had suggested that the company managed to sell around eight to ten million Echo devices in 2016.

There is obviously all of 2017 that is still left unaccounted. It is safe to assume that Amazon made a sale of at least twenty to twenty-eight million in 2017 itself. According to the announcement made by Amazon, the company sold off millions of Alexa devices during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

“For a more tangible number, here’s the Play Store install count of the Amazon Alexa app: it just reached 10 million. According to AppBrain, it took from November 2014 until May 2017 to reach 5M and then it doubled that in just 7 months now.

That means that 10 million users have downloaded the Amazon app on Android,” a report by Android Police suggested. It is not known whether all these users have downloaded the Alexa app or not. Moreover, given that IOS users who have not downloaded the Alexa application as yet, have not even been accounted for, still means that a greater number is waiting.

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