Amazon Echo is now available in 28 more countries

Published on December 9, 2017

Amazon’s well-known home speakers ‘Amazon Echo’ is now coming in 28 more countries. Isn’t it amazing? The device which was earlier limited to some regions is now going to be available almost half of the world. With Amazon Echo much-known music streaming service named ‘Amazon Music Unlimited’ is also coming into action.

Amazon Echo

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Amazon Music Unlimited is an online music streaming service from Amazon which offers more than 40 million songs and thousand of playlist and stations. Now, this function will go to be served in 28 more countries.

Recent news is targeting Amazon where YouTube has suspended its service for Amazon TV boxes. So as of now after buying a Fire TV, you won’t be able to get YouTube in that. There are some internal reasons for this removal of YouTube.

The Amazon Echo which is now available in your country will help you to get in touch with the latest technology of Amazon. The Echo device carries a voice assistance for which you just need to say “Alexa, play music” and it will follow your command and will serve you the music from your desired playlist or collection.

The Amazon Music Unlimited will also come along with that which can easily be downloaded by both Android and iOS users.  The service is available on desktop and Fire TV also.

Amazon Echo is now launched in Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and more.

The Amazon Music Unlimited comes with three plans, the one for a single device, the second one for an individual which allows you to add up to 10n devices. And the third one is for a family of a particular household. Amazon Echo and Amazon Music Unlimited will now be available in the most significant smartphone market in the world, i.e., India.

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