Amazon Echo and Ring Doorbells are on sale before Amazon Prime Day

Published on June 6, 2019

As per the leaked information, it is now said that Amazon is now getting ready to celebrate its Prime Day which is said to be going to held on 15th of July 2019. This was said to be an accurate date for the sale as this has come from the leaked public relations email.

Image Courtesy: Cnet

This event is seen to be one of the most important and biggest events from this online shopping giant. The deal is very eye-catching as huge discounts and offers are said to be offered during this period, and all these discounts are very high as compared to other days discounts.

As per the leaked email, it is said that this sale can be leaked from 15th July to 17th July and the Real Homes website first reported all this data and leaks about the Prime day. This was seen to be based on PR email the publication that the company has received when it is promoting a vacuum cleaner deal.

But with all these things are stated to be done on after some days, if you go for looking at some of the current discounts, then you can find that Amazon is already giving some best discounts which are said to be hit on Amazon devices. The deals that the company has placed on the different products of Amazon was seen to have ended in May, but during this month, it is seen that the company has brought some new ones on Echo smart speakers as well as on Ring doorbells. And the best part of this deal is you do not need to go for the Amazon’s Prime service to get any of this.

If you go through the currently discounted products, then you can see that the company is providing Ring Doorbell 2 for just $160. This doorbell is a second generation of Ring’s video doorbell which helps in giving some option for the wiring for the power or even rechargeable battery. The next thing that you can get is Ring Stick Up for just $150. The next thing that is available for you is Ring Video Doorbell Pro for just $200. You can get your hand on Echo Dot for $30, and on second-generation Echo Dot, you can get it for $80.

This year the biggest Amazon Prime Day sale will be the fifth year sale from the company. It has been seen that this has become the biggest e-commerce sale and this kind of sale is used to make the revenue of the company to go up. Till last five years, it has been seen that Amazon keeps on breaking its record sales on this Prime Day. Most of the sales start on Friday or Monday.  During the discount period from the company, it has been seen that this method helps the new customers to join Amazon Prime as it provides them with fast and free shipping on all products.

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