All New Amazon Fire TV Cube Review

Published on October 17, 2019

Fire TV Cube Media Player:

Amazon 2nd Generation Fire TV Cube is an exhilarating device. The Fire TV Cube is one of the fastest fire TV. You can watch your favorite Movies and TV shows in very high quality. Amazon Fire TV Cube gives a fluid experience to the users. A speedier performance with 4K HDR picture quality.

Fire TV Cube Content & Apps:

You can watch tons of your favorite TV shows and movies on thousands of different channels and Apps anytime. In the last generation Youtube was missing but the recent 2nd Generation Fire TV Cube along with other channels and apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, AT&T TV, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and many others Youtube is also present in this version. Ala-Carte TV apps appear as a separate recommendation on your home screen after signing in.  Fire TV Cube provides high-quality video streaming for about 500,000 movies and episodes.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Design:

Fire TV Cube is pretty cute. This elegantly designed Fire TV Cube is an Echo Speaker. It a tiny little box with curves. There are buttons for changing the volume and muting. A blue light bar that signifies Alexa while in case of technical difficulties light becomes orange. The glossy sides make it look more beautiful.

Amazon Fire TV Cube measures 3.4X3.4X3.0 inches. There are IR blaster, HDMI, micro USB ports.

Fire TV Cube comes with remote so you have control over Cube.

Fire TV Cube Performance:

Amazon Fire TV Cube released this year is quite faster as compared to the one released in the previous year. Movies and TV shows are loaded in seconds once you click.

A new hexacore processor is introduced in the Fire TV Cube. In the previous year, the quad-core processor was present in TV Cube.

Dolby Atmos technology provides good sound quality. The 4K HDR quality of the video is a revolution in this technology. High-resolution movies are the must thing for cinephilia. But if you want to enjoy the high-quality video you need an internet of about 15 Mbps.

The biggest difference between the 2nd generation Fire TV cube as compared to the previous one is that it can use the YouTube app too as well it has a separate HDMI input. It completes its task in just 7 seconds while the previous Fire TV took 28 seconds to perform one task.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Smart Assistance:

The amazing smart assistance has an amazed myriad of people. The revolutionary technology allows you to use the camera of your phone for live streaming on the TV screen. Movies’ recommendation on your Window is displayed. Besides its rating as well as the distance from your place. Restaurants’ recommendations are also present. Fire TV Cube also display the products on the Amazon store on your screen, that is a great favor for shopaholics.

Great voice recognition with 8 microphones allows you to control your TV with your commands. These microphones provide you adequate sound to easily listen to dialogues of movies. You can just say the name of any movie or season and it will be immediately on the screen.


In conclusion, the Fire TV cube is an amazing gadget. As compared to its competitors such as Apple’s TV 4K or Roku Ultra it is much better concerning performance, design, and price.

Its processor is much better than the previous one. It is the best option in the market for you. A much faster experience with a high-quality video experience.

If you have any queries regarding the Fire TV cube you can ask in the comment section below. We will respond as soon as we receive them.

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All new Amazon Fire TV Cube Review
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