Acer Has Come Up With Another Gaming Laptop, Helios 500

Published on December 19, 2018

Acer is one of the most reputed brands in terms of laptop and PCs and is getting the best reviews from its users. Acer is also famous for manufacturing good gaming laptops and giving the users most of the features for games so that they would feel somehow special by playing smooth and games with a fast processor. In the same way, Acer has launched its new gaming laptop for the users which will surely have a fire in the market and which will also give a great competition to other companies.

It has launched new laptop named as Predator helios 500 which is added with the new features of gaming technology. This new laptop is offering new colors for setting in the LCD or into the wallpaper and also with this, the major focus was done in the software for a better experience of Games. This laptop was rated as the most powerful gaming laptop among the many.

Now the question comes that which you should use between the Intel and Nvidia. But Acer played somehow intelligently and decided to add AMD for the best experience of games. Also by giving all the users a good gaming quality. When you will look at this laptop from the outside it looks pretty amazing and absolutely as a gaming laptop. Acer itself admit that finally, it has made up a design which it was trying to add from last four years. The laptop has an aggressive line with some exhaust ports that the company has been working for a long time.

Let’s discuss its ports and functionalities
The Acer has done many things for covering all the ports in one single laptop. It has added a new HDMI port, Display Port, 3 USB port which is good, also added the Gigabit Ethernet and two Thunderbolt 2 ports. The Acer has made it very clear with the fact that it would be having a good watt power and made it to the 230-watt brick which gets enter from the back of the Helios 500.

What about the weight and size of Acer Helios 500?
If you will visit the market for buying a new and latest gaming laptop you will see the thinnest laptops which would be giving the best gaming experience and also might have a lightweight, regarding this, there are many thick laptops also which are tremendously good to have and also weights somehow more. Whereas this new gadget by Acer weighs just 8.8 pounds by excluding the 3-pound power brick and with the weight of the laptop of we match the size of it then it is good enough because it has a measurement of 16.9 x 11.7 x 1.5 inches all around.

This seems as this gaming laptop has much more to give and if we talk about the drives it shares, but before this let us look for the other thin laptops, they have two M.2 drives comparing to other laptops whereas the Acers helios 500 also have two M.2 slots and also have a 2.5-inch drive bay for up to 5TB of magnetic storage. Acer has done tremendously good for this new laptop by adding two memory modules tucked somewhere under the keyboard, which correctly adds the pair of SO-DIMM slots for the another 16 GB RAM which you need the most.

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