A new report suggests, Apple is holding a new chipset for its upcoming devices

Published on October 30, 2018

Apple is known for the best software and fast processor than other brands, therefore now the new iPad Pro (2018) which was recently launched has the new and latest chipset in its tablet named as the A12X Bionic. The reports came about this chipset, that this is the latest and fastest processor till date. Let us have an example of the chipset. Recently Apple launched its most awaited smartphones, the Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, as well as XR. All these smartphones got a great response from the market(XS) these smartphones are fully featured and loved by a lot of people.

Recently, all these smartphones till date had the A12 Bionic chipset, it was amazing to use and but now surprisingly it has the new chipset named A12X which will be enabled in the new iPad Pro, 11-inches as well as 12.9-inches which will be launched next year.

The main comparison which has been seen was between the last generation iPad Pro tablet which holds the A10X Fusion chips. Therefore, now the main question comes that will the new A12X will be better than A12. You all must be more clear with the statistics about the chipset,  the A12X houses 10 billion transistors, and that appears to be 45% more compared to the A12, which has 6.9 billion transistors.

It can be completely visible that the new A12X chipset is 45% better performance than the older version of the chipset, just because the CPU has got more better performance and have solid improvements to the chip. This is absolutely true that Apple has worked hard to make this chipset more powerful and fast processor for this chipset and has made the new iPad Pro better than the earlier(previous generation iPad).

You should be aware that the new iPad has, 7nm A12X Bionic chipset is going to enable up to 35% better single-core performance, and up to 90% better multi-core performance. You all must be thinking that these all updates are some of the last made updates, but you would be surprised that this new iPad Pro has the new 8-core design, whereas the last iPad Pro had the A10X Fusion and the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR which had A12, these both were based on the 6-core CPU design. 

The new iPad Pro, it is clearly visible that the 7th core unit is completely different from the 4-core GPU as in the A12. You all must know that the graphics are very important, therefore iPad Pro took a long way but has made much difference just to enhance the graphics. Reports also said that the new graphics quality in the new iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ (2018) is 1000 times bigger than that of the original iPad, this was the thing which Apple was doing from last many years. Along with this, Apple also claimed that “we have made the 92% powerful of all “portable PCs” sold between June 2017 and June 2018. Apple is famous for making good and sleek design tablets, beating all other tablets.

Adobe the most useful application has promised that it will release full-blown Photoshop CC for the iPad in 2019. The main thing which was very important was the 2K mobile games which are fantastic. Whereas Apple iPad Pro had many more contributions also, the demo game company 2K revealed that the iPad Pro will have these game also just to make good graphics games. Apple also said that it is trying harder, day by day for making its hardware more reliable and better.

you all can now easily go for the option for buying iPad Pro(with the latest technology).



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