Acer Predator X35 Review

Published on September 24, 2019

Acer Predator X35 is absolutely a new meaning to the word Epic which would make the past experiences even more like a tiny exposure to a technological experience. Its speed value is 200Hz which would be nothing wrong to say as a hyper like phenomenal speed. It would be a 2ms G to G experience where there will be a freedom from visual from the visual artifacts’ addition as well as the motion blur. There would be more and more about the RGB Light Sense where you have to choose colors as well as nine colors.

There is an inclusion of the shifting, breathing etc. There is an experience of peak up to the 1000 nits in Acer Predator X35 which is an amazing experience to the new addition.

A more realistic approach

There is also a new addition to the process is the highest or intense levels of the brightness in it where you will see the life like demands of the contrasts happening in our lives. So, this is an absolute story of Feast goes on a full array of exposure to a new experience. Acer Predator X35 mode is having eight pre-sets display modes which is all in all done to optimize the visuals for every and different kind a content on its list of play or to the setting processes.


Its screen size is 35 in to the maximum as well as the level of highest resolution is also demonstrated to 3440*1440 in 21:9 makes the visual experience of it more stunning. It is product which provide the true value of the HDR monitor where the Display value is HDR 1000 with the certification. There are tiny nano-sized dots where they emit smallest parts of the light on the same dots and infused with your game which is pretty good to witness which is only created by them in this exposure of phenomenal case. There is also an inclusion of the DCI-P3 in Acer Predator X35 about you may or may not heard but for you will like to have in your gamut because it provides with high range than that of the sRGB.

Here you can understand it as the value of the gamut would be high, gaming will more be rich with the colors. The Default Normal value is 200 Hz which is the refresh rate too. In a VA panel, the performance of the dark value is pretty good but slow response timings. Its grey to grey rates is pretty much similar to the Asus PG35VQ with the experience value is 200 Hz but it increases the rates of error too. FALD backlighting plays its role pretty good in the performance of the monitor.

Acer Predator X35 vs Asus PG35VQ

Acer Predator X35 and Asus PG35VQ performed in a similar pattern in all of the tests run for them which provides the information about the specifications that they both should be made with the same values of crowd. Acer Predator X35 backlight zoning is 512 which is bright as well. This is the provision of the best of the performing experiences in gaming where if you are looking to meet it with the desire to have an exposure to the HDR experience and the HDR gaming ecosystem.

But this is for sure that this is for always that some of the experiences and the specifications may get different from the others which encompasses the same situation where Acer Predator X35 render lower to its values below the Acer Predator X35. Color is having an issue which should have resolved. Moreover, when you spending huge amount of money to buy some product of your own value of interest then you deserve to have it as well but Asus PG35VQ provides you that kind an amazing product. On the other hand, Acer Predator X35 is a failure to provide the user with that kind of high expectations.

Its display is pretty much good but can’t say that it is great. There is a bit of frustration in Acer Predator X35 where wanting to spend a bulk of money to get a good kind an ultrawide monitor but the response from them is pretty much different and they just keep giving a dead pixel or with IPS glow with large in amount. There would be some issues of backlight too which anyhow go away with the FALD. It’s a bit tiring to see the packaging of the Acer because there is a need to change it but they are doing nothing with the whole scenario.

There are absolutely somethings great about this too but it does never describe the price tag of the monitor. Something better is to come with annoyances free from the motion blur. So after seeing the features to both different products we are here to declare that instead of Acer Predator X35, you must prefer to go for Asus PG35VQ.

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Acer Predator X35 Review
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