6 Myths About Solar Lights Busted For Good

Published on July 26, 2020

Increasing pollution and a surge in environmental-consciousness and sustainability trends have enhanced the importance of solar lights, whether at homes, commercial spaces, or out on the streets. They not only ensure adequate lighting at affordable costs but also improve the chances of leaving a greener planet for future generations.   

However, there are some ridiculous myths about solar LED lights and solar energy that should be debunked for the benefit of humankind at large. Let’s do the good deed here! 

Myth 1: Solar LED lights have a poor appearance and are messy 

On the contrary, these lights are available in a variety of designs, colors, and styles that you’re going to be spoilt for choices. If you’re looking for decorative lights on your property, the solar lights won’t leave you a scope to complain. Festivities, or normal outdoor lighting, the solar bulbs and LED lights go the extra mile to meet your expectations always.  

Myth 2: They burn a hole in your pocket 

No, they don’t. The solar LED lights are available in different price ranges that suit every budget and never cost a fortune. You can learn more about their cost and functional efficiency from a reliable dealer, who is experienced in offering industry-standard products at pocket-friendly rates. Do your research and know about the different types of lights and their prices to make the best investment.  

Myth 3: These lights can cause eye problems 

There’s no evidence of this claim that can be ignored as a rumor. The bluish hue that the lights emit are mistaken for the blue light coming out of your television, mobile or computer screen that causes vision problems and sleep-related issues. However, the solar lights don’t have any such impact on the eye, and they also don’t cause insomnia.  

Myth 4: The lights don’t last long 

You can use these lights at home or out on the streets for at least 20 years at a stretch. Hence, the solar LED lights are even more durable than the conventional lights that you have been using for all these years. Just the initial investment can bring you sufficient returns year after year in the form of low energy bills and functional efficiency.  

Myth 5: The efficiency of solar lights is reduced in the cold season 

Again, there’s no scientific evidence to this statement. The advanced solar LED lights available in the market today are customized according to geographical and weather preferences and are evaluated in the worst and darkest days of the year before being launched. Hence, you can enjoy the superior benefits of a solar light even if you hail from the North.  

Myth 6: The solar lights are way less bright than regular ones 

The ancient solar lights were, indeed of less efficiency, but the modern ones that you find in the market are brighter, better, and quite satisfactory. You can also ask the dealer to provide lights according to the batteries and the panels to get bespoke lighting in your area.  

Wrapping it up 

By installing solar lighting on your property, you are actively participating in the ‘go-green’ movement that’s taking the world by storm. If the local authorities take this initiative and include solar lighting in the infrastructural plans, the residents will follow their footprints soon, thus helping the environment, as well as their pockets.  

Featured image credit: Flickr/Eli Duke

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