5 Crucial Postcard Design Elements

Published on August 3, 2020

Apart from being a wonderful communication gesture that further strengthens your personal relationships, a postcard is also a great marketing tool that can help set up an amicable association with your target audience. Businesses have started focusing on sending out offers and coupon postcards to their customers making the entire consumer experience more engaging. Furthermore, the eye-catching postcards printed with vivid colours on premium quality paper consequently sweep the customer of their feet. 

However, usually, businesses commit the mistake of sending out postcards which look boring and bland, a grave marketing mistake that can have a detrimental effect on your venture’s bottom line. This great marketing technique implemented poorly can create two-fold problems for your business that will range from putting a hole into your pocket while also scaring away all your potential and existing customers. 

Therefore, it’s important to hire an expert postcard printing service that would deliver high-quality results while also ensuring that the postcards are masterfully crafted according to the need of your communication strategy. It’s important to hire a postcard printing service that can help you create effective postcards which include these 5 design elements. 

  • Make it simple but significant 

It’s extremely crucial to keep your postcard design simple and effective, amateur designers tend to fill the postcard with graphics that act as a visual obstruction. Moreover, badly designed postcards are always stuffed with loads of information that can hamper the customer experience. Thus, it’s imperative to keep the postcard design simple and only the important information should be included. Postcards should not be regarded as brochures or catalogues, they should be handled smartly and ingeniously. 

  • Design customization 

Ensure to add a personal touch to your postcards that will reflect the identity of your brand and business. It’s crucial to have a unique style and design that will provide you with a distinct place in the minds of the customer. Moreover, postcard personalization also helps in grabbing the attention of the customer while providing a highly immersive experience that further elevates customer engagement. 

  • Eye-catching visuals 

Visual aid and illustrations are the most effective tool for grabbing the attention of your customer. Also, the visuals or the graphics should align with the service that you are providing, all the elements of your postcard must be directed towards a single communication message. For Instance, if your postcard is about an offer deal on a trip to the Bahamas, then it’s better to support the message with a striking image of a sunny beach. 

However, unnecessary addition of unrelated graphics can make your postcard look unprofessional, thus it’s better to hire a professional postcard printing service that would help elevate the fruitfulness of your entire postcard marketing effort. 

  • Highlighted deals and offers 

You must provide details of the necessary benefits that the receivers would be getting post the action. However, adding offer benefits does not mean that you have to stuff the postcard with paragraphs of text, rather write the benefits as briefly as possible and use catchy headlines to grab the attention of the reader. Lastly, always ensure to highlight the offer and make active efforts to make it look visible. 

  • Proper CTA and contact us 

We have saved the most important for the last. The reader must be able to locate information about your business on the postcard easily. Also, it’s imperative to have a clean and comprehensive call-to-action imbibed in your postcard that the readers should seek to avail of the offer mentioned. The contact us and CTA details should be clearly visible and legible. 


Even though postcard promotion is quite an engaging and ingenious way to establish a fruitful relationship with your customers, but just thinking about a postcard marketing strategy won’t result in a lucrative outcome. The strategy and intention should be combined with captivating, high engagement postcards that are masterfully personalized to get your message through clearly. 

Therefore, it’s advisable to hire a specialized postcard printing service that would craft professional and high venture postcards. 

Photo by Adrianna Calvo



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