4 Commonly Overlooked Aspect of Content Marketing That Will Boost Your Growth

Published on July 16, 2020
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Marketing and Marketing!! This is what the year 2020 is teaching us. It is a constant race to keep your website up to date and make sure it drives enough traffic to keep your business going ad fetching profits. 

So, what is crucial for a website? Yes, security. Visitors should rest assured when they find the website has full cybersecurity protections. 

The best solution for overall cybersecurity is to buy an SSL certificate and get it installed. Rest all will automatically fall in its place. 

By this time, we all should know that content is important in 2020. Always the good content drives traffic to the website apart from the SEO. 

However, whenever you think of SEO, the things that strike our mind are Google algorithms, Google bots, content marketing strategies, technical SEO which have developed over a few years and play a major role in fetching results. 

There are multiple aspects to realize that drive the website traffic. It is much more than keywords and SEO. All these should be aligned properly to get more visibility for your website. 

There’s no doubt that still the content is the king. No matter how many visual websites come up, content-rich websites are still in great demand. 

What is content marketing? 

There is no secret that every website needs marketing. The traditional way of marketing is still content marketing. 

Content marketing is nothing but creating, distributing, sharing, and then publishing the content to reach the target audience. 

From the business perspective, this way you can create awareness of your brand, boost sales and services, engaging the audience, driving more traffic thereby increasing productivity. 

Furthermore, Content marketing has become one of the popular ways of dealing the business with tactics. 

There are benefits of content marketing in addition to expanding the audience outreach 

  • You can educate about your business leads and prospects about the products and services you offer 
  • Boost conversion rates 
  • Build trust and relationships between your customers and business clients 
  • Connect with your audience  
  • Show the audience your products and services are the best. 
  • Help resolve the challenges that audience face 
  • To create a sense of unity in the community around your brand. 

Moreover, if you want to increase your website exposure, it is time to implement the most overlooked aspects of content marketing that are technical, optimization, budget, and customization. 

In this topic, we will walk through these four ways that are less used or given less attention. 

Lack of technical touch: 

Coming to the technical aspect, most of the experts are only concerned about only keywords, content word length, etc. 

Some of the rarely used aspects are given below: 

Schema mark-up:  

It is also known as structured data which ensures the search engines to find data more accurately. 

Whenever you search for a topic on the search engines, you will see a small description in a snippet, this happens of schemed mark-up and makes the content more relevant in SERP. 

Fix the 404 errors:  

Whenever the visitor your website and going through a particular webpage he will come across the error 404 which means the page was removed or could be because the webpage is moved to somewhere else on the website. 

This means that you will miss a visitor who could be a customer just because he didn’t find the required page that he might want to buy or order for the product. It is the best practice you check for these 404 errors weekly to avoid any chances that affect your rankings on SERP. 

SSL certificate:  

Yes, we have discussed this point in the first, SSL Certificate is a must for any e-commerce website.  

HTTPS is an extra layer of security for the website where the audience can see the green color padlock with a lock sign which means it is safe for transactions at the checkout time. It prevents any data breaches and attacks. 

SSL certificates impact SEO in a positive way. 


Optimization is the main aspect that decides the website functionality. It is important for both desktop and mobiles as well. 

Make sure you optimize for mobile devices as the number has drastically increased over a few years. 

The next big thing is the voice search. We have seen a sudden increase in voice search in recent years. Optimize the website for voice search for content friendly searches. 

However, optimizing the content for Google is a crucial and basic step. Make sure the content is compatible with all the search engines. 

Focus on good content, URL optimization, Meta tags, and images, descriptions for better ranks and traffic for your website. 

Allocate a budget for crawlers: 

Content marketing needs a lot of budget planning and the prior aspect is to focus on crawlers. 

Crawlers are a must for any website to reach into the search engines. They often suggest the optimization of the content on Google. 

They are a bit expensive, but it is strongly suggested to have one and is worth every penny you spend on this. 

Customize based on location

It is a trend to add a business page in Google for the physical shop. You can customize the content based on the location so that local people have enough information about your shop and business. 

At Last: 

Remember, SEO is not just one to two but a combination of many factors. All you can do is try out these SEO techniques on a trial and error basis and see the results. 

The above list as discussed is the common neglected list that helps your business grow. Implement these and see the difference in the leads. 

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