3 Best Apps To Ensure Your Child’s Online Safety

Published on September 4, 2020
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One of the major concerns of any parent is to protect their children from the outside world. In the age of digitalization, where the world is really at our finger touch, protecting children from risks may seem like a most challenging task. That’s why safety apps come to our savior.

There are plenty of safety apps (known as different names, such as parental control apps, safe kids apps, spy apps, and so on) developed to help you detect your child. In this article, we are going to mention some of the best kid’s safety apps that every parent must-have.

So, are you ready to know about the best safety apps?

Here Are 5 Best Mobile Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe Online:

Net Nanny:

When it comes to the best remote spying apps, Net Nanny first hits into the mind. The reason is that it uses AI to block wrong or unsafe content before your kid watches it. The app can clean certain sites and allows parents to see child’s digital activity.

Apart from that, this app can also detect and limit screen time. Moreover, the software’s Family Feed feature can show you what your child is exploring and what applications your kids are going to download. Plus, it can aware you about the bad content such as dangerous gears, pornography, and drugs.

Net Nanny is accessible on iOS and Android, as well as Mac, Fire, and Windows. However, you need to subscription for using this app.

In an era of Coronavirus, Net Nanny also provides the best filter to block Covid-19 searches and coronavirus sites to help children who might feel tensed.


It is another best app to keep your child safe online. Bark detects emails and texts along with more than 30 social media networks for bad content your kid might be seeing or exploring. The app sends alerts to parents if it finds any sign of depression, cyberbullying, adult content, online predators, and so on.

Plus, if you want to provide some privacy to your child, you can choose which networks you want to detect. Moreover, new screen-time management, a new feature that bark has launched recently, allows parents to monitor their kid’s set to screen limits as well as the accounts. The app offers a seven-day free trial then charges $14 a month per family with Android and iOS.

The best thing about bark is that it was developed by parents, for parents to provide an easier, better, and more impactful way to keep kids safe online.


Kids will be talking to their friends over mobiles and laptops while in lockdown since they are unable to meet their friends. The SafeToNet app, which is compatible with both Android and Ios, comes with a safeguarding keyboard to judge, advice, and guide a kid in real times as they search for message others. The app helps kids to become more responsible and alert while performing online activities.

Parents cannot see the messages but can see insights like the mostly-used apps and the time when their kid sends wrong messages. Apart from that, SafeToNet can show what problems the kid most suffers from.

The app will send notifications to the parents if the AI spots abuse, sexting, bullying, or anxiety, for example. Moreover, SafeToNet offers breathing exercises when anger or depression is found, lessons about self-motivation.

To help during the Coronavirus outbreak, the app is providing its services at zero cost to parents for a month.

So parents, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick the one.

Which app you’ll pick? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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