230 New Emojis To Be Added Soon

Published on February 8, 2019

emojis are the key factor is giving knowledge to somehow about some fact and many other things. emojis are the one which is used to express something more emotionally and romantically. Frankly speaking, these are one of the most important things when a scene or a romantic tp is on the chat or you can also say that whenever some friends fight or laugh for a specific reason. Emojis help them all to express the other person properly. Let us take an example of a joke, two people are talking about a joke, therefore now there are more than 2 emojis for laugh, one is the normal laugh, the other one is the craziest laugh whereas the third one is the most basic laugh which everyone does for every talk which also depicts the other person that the front face person has loved the joke. You can call it is as a mythology of another person because emojis helps to express the person’s mood and feeling as said above.

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So this is the new year, 2019 therefore many new emjois have been added in your chat box(emoji’s box) by the Unicode Consortium. It is the organisation which regulates all the emojis in terms of approving and standardizing it. By the reports about the emoji, we came to know that around 230 emojis will be launched this year which is for sure and that too in both the Android and iOS devices(all the smartphones). The emojis which have been out are somehow depicts something more about the genders and skin tones holding hands which is somehow same but different with this it also has more emojis about the gender which are not male nor female that means there are many emojis which are for the mixed gender and also for the people who holds some disability in them so that they could also use some of them for representing them.

Unicode has done a great job by expanding new emojis therefore now every person even with some issues will be able to easily promote their self and express. Also, Unicode has added many more emojis such as a service dog, prosthetic mechanical limbs and also it has made emojis for the deaf person with different skin tones following the earlier concept of skin tones and many more emojis which will be known to you very shortly as soon as the update will come. These emojis are as same as earlier emojis which the user can send by the emojis box and also from the keyboard itself as they are the emojis of some smiley faces which looks cute while sending.

Also, the new updates for emojis by the Unicode also includes several emoticons for the couples and also about the animals and food which people love to share with their friends and family and while in groups. These new update and emojis will be definately loved by the people as reports came from the sources.

From some other sources, we also came to know that Unicode has also made out emojis more in favour of girls and women because around 59+ emojis have the sign of red blood drop which depicts the sign of periods for them. This was being added by Unicode(as per the reports) so that the girls could easily tell their friends, family and partners for it. I think this is the best step done by Unicode for the girls.



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