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Lunar eclipse and auroras

2018-01-31 – Did you miss the lunar eclipse? Here’s how it looked at the AuroraMAX observatory in Yellowknife, NWT, along with a sky-full of auroras! (Credit: Canadian Space Agency) Useful …

ScienceCasts: Auroras Underfoot

Visit for more. Lately, the International Space Station has been flying through geomagnetic storms, giving astronauts an close-up view of the aurora borealis just outside their windows.

NASA Observes Auroras Across Canada

The dancing lights in the image above are the aurora borealis, viewed from the ground looking up. The aurora shown above occurred as the result of a CME that struck …

Auroras Over Saturn Seen by Cassini Spacecraft

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft gazed toward high southern latitudes near Saturn’s south pole to observe ghostly curtains of dancing light — Saturn’s southern auroras, or southern lights. These natural light displays …

What Causes Auroras? – Space Weather

2015-06-27 – Solar eruptions produce huge bursts of electrical energy and particles that interact with both the upper atmosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field, causing a range of effects including …

Hubble Tracks Bright Auroras on Jupiter

This composite video illustrates the auroras on Jupiter relative to their position on the giant planet. As on Earth, auroras are produced by the interaction of a planet’s magnetic field …

Dance of Saturn’s Auroras

Ultraviolet and infrared images from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft and Hubble Space Telescope show active and quiet auroras at Saturn’s north and south poles. Saturn’s auroras glow when energetic electrons dive …