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Published on January 21, 2017

Making of cookie cutters, baking moulds, or sandwich decoration for St. Valentine’s Day. In this video lesson I’ll show you how to make cookie cutters, which might be used for high temperature cooking such as stove, frying pen and so on, using a tin can from Coca-Cola or other drinks. As there’s a few days left till the St. Valentine’s Day we are going to make cookie cutters of a heart shape. It’s not necessary to make a heart shape. You may bend with an aluminum tape any other shape you like. You can make about 5 cookie cutters of a single Coca-Cola can of 330 ml.
Now you don’t need to look for some special cookie cutters in the shops to decorate your festive table, as you can make any cookie cutter you won’t find in any shop. Your festive table will be beautiful and unique. To make a cookie cutter we need:
1 Coca-Cola, Sprite, or other drink can
A piece of emery paper for wiping out the paint (to avoid burning the paint out under high temperature)
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