THE CUBE! Why Is This Strange Phenomenon Happening Now? 201804:33

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Published on January 30, 2018

Quote from Gary Treviño “Can someone explain what the hell did we just seen here at gates ranch in Catarina TX around 845pm” 1-24-18

Shout Out to Amber and Jason Kinter Quote “We were the 1st to post this to youtube a little less than a week ago of this Jan 4 2018 Mufon report NJ then this from a Thirdphaseofmoon fan who just watched our upload on youtube of the strange square in NJ and December 14th 2017 with my Samsung phone between Williamsburg and Charles City Virginia. Thought you might be interested in this one too. Maybe it is significant. Anyhow thanks for all your videos, we watch them all the time.”

Thumbnail taken by Mark Waters took over Tucson, AZ on August 5th, 2017.

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