The Actual Impact Of The Placebo Effect On Science04:33

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Published on January 21, 2017

We know the placebo effect works, but researchers are starting to figure out exactly why and how doctors could use it to treat patients.

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Placebo Effect May Account for Half of Drug’s Efficacy

“Even when a medication works, half of its impact on a patient may be due to one aspect of the placebo effect: the positive message that a doctor provides when prescribing the treatment, according to a new study.”

Scientists have identified a part of the brain responsible for the placebo effect

“Scientists think they’ve located a region of the brain that’s linked to the placebo effect – a psychological phenomenon where patients feel better because they think they’ve been given real drugs, when in fact all they’ve been given is sugar pills.”

The Placebo Phenomenon

“But researchers have found that placebo treatments-interventions with no active drug ingredients-can stimulate real physiological responses, from changes in heart rate and blood pressure to chemical activity in the brain, in cases involving pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and even some symptoms of Parkinson’s.”

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