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A Treadmill To Test How Ants Navigate Home

This ant isn’t just getting a good workout, it’s helping scientists test their technology. Subscribe to Vocativ: Find us everywhere else: : : : Snapchat: Website: Vocativ explores the nexus …

Wasp VS Ants. Fight to Death!

Unbelievable fight to death between Wasp and killer Ants. One would think that it will be fast fight, but the fight between the wasp and ants took almost 2 hours. …

Ants stomp, termites tiptoe

Termites have evolved super-soft footsteps and sharp hearing to evade their noisy enemies, the ants. Read more:

Space Station Live: Ants in Space

NASA Public Affairs Officer Dan Huot talks with Professor Deborah M. Gordon of Stanford University, who is the principal investigator for the Ants in Space experiment aboard the International Space …