Sirin Finney Android Cryptocurrency phone to launch in November

Published on July 20, 2018

The Sirin Labs cryptocurrency has focused on the smartphone which is known as the Finney. It will become available for the pre-orders from May, and it is to the new information shared by the OEM. This handset is now will be heading towards the November release, and it should be hitting the market with a price tag of about $999. This new Sirin Finney will feature the slider form factor, and it will not work for the same reasons as the BlackBerry PRIV. This slide-out module will be rising from the top which accommodates the secondary display, and this display will be solely dedicated to the cryptocurrency management and cold storage wallet.

Sirin Finney, Android Cryptocurrency phone

The Safe Screen of the phone is known as the OEM, and it can accommodate a wide variety of the cryptocurrencies, and it will rely on the own firmware which helps in providing the enhanced security to the users. This allows the users to check the crypto wallet and it is before making the transactions.

A new feature Token Conversion Service (TCS) has implemented into the device, and it will act as an automatic broker who is specially designed to exchange Sirin Labs Tokens (SRN) to another form of currency that is needed for the specific transaction. It also includes the OEM’s cyber protection suite which includes secured VoIP text, Behavioral-based Intrusion Prevention System, email communication, and many more. These onboard security measures and tools are worthy which helps in keeping the portable device nature which raises some security concerns. As per Nimrod May, who is company’s CMO, said that the Sirin Finney would be viewed the prospective buyers and they can carry the limited amounts of the Crypto coins, and it is on a day-to-day basis.

The new Sirin Finney is said to be expected to run the modified version of the Android 8.1 Oreo, and they will be driven by the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset which was coupled with 6GB RAM. This unit will be boosted g a generous 6-inchFullHD+ display, and it will carry an 8 MP front facing the camera, and it is along with a 12 MP rear facing shooter. The device will have 128GB onboard memory, and the internal will rely on the 3000mAh battery. Foxconn will assemble the components, and it will be OEM’s previous privacy based Solarin smartphone.

Flextronics will manufacture this smartphone in Switzerland, and the customers who will pre-order the model with the help of Sirin Labs Tokens will get a benefit of 10 per cent discount. 

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Sirin Finney, Android Cryptocurrency phone
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