Renesas’s Car Navigation SoC : DigInfo04:33

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Published on January 28, 2018

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Renesas Technology’s SH7774 SoC (System on Chip) and the newer SH77650 SoC are LSI intended for high-performance in-vehicle information systems for next-generation car navigation systems. This chip features the world’s first image processing function in a car navigation SoC. Other on-line peripheral modules include high-speed 600Mhz operation, a 2D graphics engine for map writing, an audio encoder, and an Ethernet interface.

A dedicated hardware equipped with the SH7774 SoC can process digital images taken with cameras to monitor the driving environment. The system is capable of carrying out multiple external environment recognition programs in real time including lane recognition and detecting and following a vehicle traveling ahead.

Incorporating a high-speed 2D graphics engine for a range of drawing functions, a sound interface, and a module required for the next-generation car navigation systems, the SoC offers all the major functions on one single chip. It helps to reduce the number of components and the system costs, while achieving high performance.

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