R/C Transmitter Solo Range testing by “Stick Wagger” with history.04:33

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Published on February 5, 2018

Preventative Maintenance was what we Marines called it when working on the avionics systems of RF4B aircraft back in the day at El Toro and especially NAM. Heavy testing was just logical common sense to keep the pilots safe and the birds flying. So on the models too, test everything before flying and you will have a better chance of making it through a Maiden Flight without a mishap.

It is much easier to concentrate on flying, than having to think how to save it ’cause you didn’t bolt the motor in and its ready to fall out, or the servos were never cycled, the Receiver never range checked, and now the throttle is locked wide open. Never say never!

So make it a habit to do these things first. It also never hurts to have a second person look at it too, so don’t let the ego get in the way. Ask! We all started that way, you know.

So good luck and happy flying.

Remember “If it sounds stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid!”

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