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Published on January 15, 2018

richard ginger the builder / pilot of the “bullet” sent this info over –

Thank you so much for the superb camera work!
Model is the Jerry Bates 1/4 scale and mine is based on the replica at Old Warden. Spans 94”.
Built from the Belair laser cut parts kit – I modified the tailplane/elevators and the cockpit area.
Decals are from Lee Jones at Pyramid Models – I couldn’t be bothered to paint them on!
Engine is a Laser 180, I use an SM Services on board glow for convenience, the Laser will run happily without.
Prop is a Master Classic 18 x 8.
Covering is Solartex, paint is Spectrum mixed from tins to match the Old Warden colour scheme (I got this fairly close, visited OW with some colour swatches – they are most kind to modellers working on examples of their aircraft).
The spinner is made from a stainless steel colander with the top and bottom cut off, reinforced with thin ply and glass cloth and filler. It’s not heavy and is balanced on a glass marble in the prop shaft hole, balancing self tappers are screwed in the rear ply reinforcing ring!
All up weight is around 16lbs but the wing loading is light.
Conditions at Baldock were fantastic!

Hope this helps, many thanks once again!

Richard Ginger

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