QTN Sept 2015: SERE Stories and How Not to Be Happy04:33

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Published on January 8, 2018

Many awesome subjects covered in this episode, filmed on location deep in the mountains: How TNPr “Rez” is enjoying real life and is grateful, how body heredity may limit you, a cool new pistol rear sight tool, fire department TNPrs, police officer TNPrs, deciding to leave or stay with girlfriend in med school, how you should buy and use a raft with your dogness now (see links below!), how a TNPr matured from being a partying douche into a responsible motivated person, SERE stories from Nutnfancy, how general aviation is coming to TNP, how TacticalDoodle is a private pilot now, how to be an airline pilot, our self-centered society, TNP is a family, red light and license plate reading cameras, natl ID cards, the Nutnfancy shot playing cards, evil looking guns are cool, is Charles still around?!, fondling my Sig P226, Nutnfancy getting drug around naked, Mrs Nutn’s meds, staying focused on your proper phases of life, a eagle flies over, and much more. Another not to be missed episode of Questions to Nutnfancy as set forth by you, the TNPr who writes in.

TNP QTN, 10322 S Redwood Rd, PMB 038, South Jordan, UT 84095

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