Prostate Cancer and Organic Milk vs. Almond Milk04:33

Published on April 21, 2017

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DESCRIPTION: Does the hormonal stimulation of human prostate cancer cells by cow milk in a petri dish translate out clinically in studies of human populations?

I touched previously on the prostate cancer data in one of my oldest videos, Slowing the Growth of Cancer ( Other factors may play into the link between cancer and dairy consumption including industrial pollutants (Industrial Carcinogens in Animal Fat, and IGF-1 (How Plant-Based to Lower IGF-1?, but for more on the hormones in dairy see:

• Hormones in Skim vs. Whole Milk (
• National Dairy Council on Acne and Milk (
• Dairy & Sexual Precocity (
• Dairy Hormonal Interference (

What about all the studies suggesting milk “does a body good”? See my video Food Industry “Funding Effect” (

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