Pouring molten Aluminum into a Pumpkin (cooled with liquid nitrogen!!!)04:33

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Published on January 25, 2017

The inside of a pumpkin has a pretty interesting geometry. I had the idea to cast the inside to see what it looks like, but the inside of the pumpkin is very fragile and the 1000 degree aluminum pretty much destroys it as soon as it comes in contact with the soft flesh.

I thought freezing the pumpkin would provide more structural support, so I froze the pumpkin from the inside out with liquid nitrogen. My thermometer can only measure to -36f (-38c), and the pumpkin was colder than that. Liquid nitrogen has a boiling point of like -300 degrees. Which means it sucks heat from whatever it touches until that object is -300 degrees at which point it stops boiling.

Next time I cast any fruits i will defiantly be freezing them first!



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