PhoneDog Live 5.27.11 – Google Wallet, Windows Phone Mango, iPad 3, and more04:33

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Published on January 23, 2018

This week’s PhoneDog Live we discussed whether or not Google will have success with their mobile payment idea, we go in depth with some of the new features in the Mango update to Windows Phone, share some interesting, if not unlikely, news about the next iPad’s display, more updates on the AT&T/T-Mobile merger and the response it’s getting from Congress, and some rumors about a new tablet from ASUS. It was a busy week and we had a lot to talk about, but we still managed to fit in an open Q&A at the end.

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Timeline of Topics:
5:32 – Google Wallet

19:32 – Windows Phone Mango Update
20:00 – Multi-tasking
21:39 – Unified e-mail inbox with threaded conversation views
22:23 – Quick Cards, App Connect, Local Scout
25:24 – Thoughts on the update
26:33 – Launch date and new hardware

28:00 – iPad 3 display

33:09 – Update to Google Music

34:20 – T-Mobile G2X price increase?

35:40 – Apple iCloud pricing

36:51 – New ASUS Honeycomb tablets

38:39 – Droid X 2.3 Gingerbread update

40:08 – AT&T/T-Mobile Merger update

42:58 – Open Q&A Visit for all the latest cell phone news, reviews, and more.

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