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Published on January 26, 2018

I’m always on the lookout for kitchen gadgets to feature in a video. This is touted as the number one fresh pasta maker in Italy, although most people there, just like elsewhere, prefer to buy dried pasta. You can buy a heck of a lot of bags of dried pasta for the price of this machine, so it’s definitely not a way to save money, it probably makes a better gift than it does an investment.
Unlike most kitchen gadgets I’ve tested, this is one I will be using again. It’s surprisingly fun, it works well, there’s something special about eating pasta you’ve just made and the cost of using it is negligible.

Unfortunately the place I bought mine from (Coolshop) no longer stock them – but according to the Philips website it is now being sold officially in the U.K. for £170
Amazon UK: (Out of stock)
Amazon US:
ebay US:
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You can download the recipe book here:
It’s pretty simple to make flavoured pasta – e.g. To make carrot flavoured pasta you replace the water in the mixture with carrot juice…and the same goes for Tomato etc.

1 – According to the Philips Website the machine should also now be available in the U.K. (when I bought mine in November 2017 it wasn’t). Although I can’t find anywhere with any stock.
2) – The toy I mentioned was not from Playmobil – it was the Playdoh mop top hair shop
3) Very few people read this box or the pinned comment, so expect lots of comments repeating the things above.

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