Petya ransomware epidemic spreads, old NSA Windows exploit may be key04:33

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Published on October 18, 2017

Once again, computer users are on edge over the latest ransomware attack that has spread through the interwebs. Just a few weeks ago, the WannaCry attack was making users puddle up and pay at least $300 to get their files de-cryprted. This time, the attacking malware is being called Petya, and it appears the primary target was the embattled country of the Ukraine, although the virus has now spilled out into the larger world.

The New York Times said cybersecurity experts at Symantec indicated the attack is hitting Windows computers through an NSA-developed exploit known as Eternal Blue, which they said was leaked online by the Shadow Brokers hacking group back in April. However, it doesn’t look like a financial bonanza for the unknown perpetrators, as it appears only a few dozen people have paid the $300 bitcoin ransom. Still, if in doubt, just don’t click on that email link. Learn more about the Petya ransomware attack:

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